Botox for TMJ

Most people in the United States use Botox to reduce aging signs. But did you know that Botox can also provide medical therapy? Specifically, it relieves people suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and headaches. This drug has helped millions of people manage TMJ discomfort by relaxing the muscles in the jaw. Learn more about this disorder and what Botox for TMJ means.

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What Is TMJ?

TMJ stands for ‘temporomandibular joint.’ These joints are on both sides of your face, in front of the ears. TMJs connect the lower jawbone to the skull and help facilitate movements like speaking and chewing.

Unfortunately, TMJ disorders affect more than 10 million Americans today. They are more common in women than in men. Those with TMJ disorders may have trauma, arthritis, or an improper bite in the jaw region and the surrounding muscles. It is not uncommon for TMJ patients to deal with:

  •  Tension headaches
  •  Ear aches
  •  Jaw tenderness
  •  Teeth clenching and grinding
  •  Facial discomfort
  •  Neck and shoulder pain

It is no wonder that so many are turning to Botox as a source of relief for this discomfort. Botox is an injectable that relaxes muscles under the skin to reduce tension.

Botox Benefits for TMJ

  •  Reduced anxiety
  •  Better sleep
  •  Fewer teeth grinding
  •  Lowered intensity and frequency of headaches
  •  Restored youthfulness
  •  Quick and easy procedure
  •  Long-lasting relief (about 3 months)

How Botox Treats TMJ

The neuromodulator in Botox relaxes muscles in patients suffering from TMJ symptoms. This substance prevents signals from reaching the brain. As a result, the brain does not activate those muscles. Botox targets the nervous system’s specific trigger points when used for TMJ. In simplest terms, Botox serves as a roadblock to pain.

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Using Botox for TMJ is safe and effective. Many studies and research have found that people with TMJ experience a decrease in pain and frequency. They also get the added benefit of an enhanced face shape! When jaw muscles are tense, it can cause your face to appear wider. Botox loosens these muscles while alleviating chronic pain from jaw clenching.

Botox for TMJ Cost

The cost of Botox to treat TMJ symptoms varies per patient. Different factors that make up the final cost include:

  •  Number of Botox units needed
  •  Provider’s skill and expertise level
  •  Patient’s geographic location
  •  Ongoing specials at a chosen facility

If you deal with TMJ pain and want to get an accurate quote for a Botox treatment, schedule a free consultation with Altman Aesthetic Center in Purchase, NY. We will evaluate your concerns and create a special treatment plan to accommodate your needs and budget.

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